Australian Scholarships for International Students

The Australian government and other organizations offer a variety of scholarships that enable foreign students to study in Australia. These scholarships range from undergraduate to postgraduate and also apply to a range of vocational education and training. Students from developing countries are able to enrol into these study programs by facilitating the payments through a scholarship. Some of the scholarships are offered by the educational institutions themselves, while others are offered by various state, corporate or non-profit organizations. Applications for these scholarships are generally made available in the respective organization’s website to download or can be acquired as a hard copy from the Australian Embassy, Study Counselling section. Australian scholarships for international students 2012 were open in June of this year. Below are some of the main Australian scholarships for international students which students from developing countries can apply for.

Australian Development Scholarships

This is a scholarship program that aims to promote the growth and stability of Australia’s partner countries. This program enables foreign students to study in Australia for two years. Students will return to their home countries and contribute their knowledge and skills to their country’s development upon the completion of the two year program. This scholarship program is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students and is divided into two categories: the public sector and the open/equity category. Public sector employees who wish to apply for the scholarship have to be nominated by their respective state government bodies. The open/equity category enables any person who fits the eligibility criteria to apply for the scholarship. More than 1,000 scholarships are awarded each year. The scholarship includes return air fare, payment of full tuition fees, payment of living expenses, and health cover for the duration of the award. There are several rules and criteria that need to be considered before application. Students who wish to apply should familiarize themselves with these rules and criteria.

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The Melbourne International Research Scholarships

International students who wish to undertake graduate research degree studies at the University of Melbourne can apply for scholarships through this program. The program offers 220 scholarships, and 100 of these scholarships are awarded to international students. The program enables international students a living allowance, A$3,000 for international students and financial aid to pursue Master’s and Doctorate research. Students need to be offered a place on a graduate research degree course in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

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Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships for Developing Countries

This scholarship program aims to develop leadership and build partnerships between Australian organizations and partner organizations in developing countries. Applications were opened on 17 October 2011. ALA awards students scholarships on a twice yearly basis. The applications are accepted through Australian organizations only; hence, the applicants need to be sponsored by an Australian organization.

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Oslo Peace Scholarship

This is a scholarship awarded once a year to one student who wishes to study in the Master of International Affairs and specialize in peace and conflict studies. The scholarship is worth A$6,200. A$13,000 is awarded to the international student to cover full expenses.

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Australian Catholic University International Student Scholarship

The scholarship program of the Australian Catholic University enables undergraduate or postgraduate international students to apply to study in Australia. Approximately 25 scholarships are awarded to students for the duration of the course. Grades and performance will be monitored throughout this period, and any drop in grades will mean the withdrawal of the scholarship. This scholarship is only for international students who have gained a place on an undergraduate or postgraduate program at the Australian Catholic University. Students applying for the scholarship should not be in the process of receiving another scholarship. The scholarship covers the whole or half of the course fees, depending on the scholarship and air fare and accommodation, as well as all academic expenses that are incurred for the duration of the program.

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Endeavour Scholarship Awards

The Endeavour Scholarship Award is awarded to international students. It is a merit based scholarship awards program that enables students interested in gaining a post graduate qualification at a PhD and Master’s Degrees in Australia. PhD and Master’s students will be awarded AUD $228,500 for PhD two year program and AUD $118,500 for Master’s four year program. In addition, winners will receive a travel allowance of AUD $4500 and a monthly stipend of AUD $2500 per month. Furthermore, winning applicants will be provided travel and health insurance, as well as, tuition fees of AUD $ 12,500 per semester. Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree at the time of application. Applicants must provide proof of citizenship and academic achievement and should be proficient in the English language.

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Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Adelaide

Indonesian, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese students interested in completing their undergraduate studies at the University of Adelaide can apply for this scholarship. Students studying field such as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Medical Surgery and Bachelor of Dental Surgery are not eligible for application. The scholarship awards the full tuition fees for up to four years depending on academic performance. It does not however cover visa, travel, health, accommodation etc. expenses. Applicants must submit an online application for the scholarship and should have already been accepted to an eligible study program at the University of Adelaide.

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IWC Water Leader Scholarships

International students accepted into the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management are eligible for the IWC Water Leader Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to study in four leading universities in Australia. Students are awarded full tuition fees of AUD $41,520 for a master degree study on Integrated Water Management. Applicants accepted into the program are awarded the Overseas Student Health Cover as well. The selection of whether a student should receive a full or partial scholarship will be at the discretion of the selection committee. The scholarship does not cover travel accommodation and living costs etc. Applicants need to be proficient in English language, should have an undergraduate degree qualification relevant to the field of study being pursued. They should also possess excellent academic record.

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International Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Queensland

Students intending to follow an undergraduate degree at University of Queensland and have excellent academic standing can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship is worth AUD $6000 and will be deducted according to the tuition fee. Students applying should possess high/secondary school qualifications that are equivalent to Queensland Year 12. Student’s scores should be equal to the Queensland Tertiary Education rank of 96 or more. They should not be recipients of other scholarships. This scholarship program is not eligible for Australian students. In addition, students already studying at the University of Queensland are not eligible for application.

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There are various other scholarships for international students awarded through many universities in Australia. Students are advised to go through individual university websites and familiarize themselves with the requirements and eligibility criteria in order to apply for Australian scholarships for international students.