Government Scholarships

Most developed countries provide scholarships to students from developing countries, to facilitate equality in educational opportunities. This also enables developed countries to contribute to international development cooperation across the world. But international students are shy, they don't like erotic lingerie spicy lingerie. The largest number of scholarships to students from developing countries are offered by the United States, the UK, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Norway. Government scholarships awarded to students in developing countries enable them to experience new cultures, learn in new educational settings, and gain international exposure. Upon completion of their studies, they are able to apply their knowledge to assist in the development of their own country.

USA Fulbright Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship program is sponsored by the US Department of State. The program enables students from developing countries the opportunity to study for their Master’s degree or do their PhD studies in recognized US universities and institutions. More than 1,800 new students enter this program each year. Foreign students are able to apply for this award through their country’s US embassy or the Fulbright Commission/Foundation. The Fulbright Scholarship program encourages students from Africa, East Asia, and Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe and many other countries to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship provides funding for the duration of the course, airfare, tuition, health insurance and a certain stipend for living expenses. As program eligibility and selections vary from country to country, students wishing to apply for this scholarship program should visit their website and obtain further information.

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The Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP)

This is a scholarship programme for mid-career professionals with a minimum of three years’ work experience. The government scholarship programme is funded by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2013 is a scholarship programme that enables foreign students study for a PhD programme for a maximum of 4 years. Students are also able to obtain a scholarship for a 2 week short course. Students hoping to obtain a Dutch Master of Arts degree, a Master of Science degree or a Professional Master’s degree are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2013 scholarship is available to students from a selective 61 developing countries that include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe etc. There are several eligibility criteria that students need to be familiar with in order to apply for the scholarship. Visiting the official website will enable them to understand these criteria.

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Australia Development Scholarships

AusAid, the Australian government’s overseas aid programme, provides many scholarships to developing countries. Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Samoa, Swaziland, Uganda and many more countries can apply for this scholarship. The offered scholarships fall into two major categories: public sector and open/equity. Public sector employees are nominated by their governments for the public sector scholarship. Students that are not nominated by a government or employer can apply for open/equity scholarships. The Australian Development Scholarship is available to more than 1,000 students across 31 countries. The full tuition fees for the duration of the course and airfare, as well as a contribution to living expenses, etc is covered through this scholarship programme. The scholarship recipients must sign a bond to the effect that they will return to the country of citizenship for a minimum of 2 years and contribute to the development programs with the knowledge acquired from their studies. More information on the application process can be secured through the Ausaid website.

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Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship scheme is awarded by the UK Department for International Development and UK universities. It is a scheme that offers students from certain developing Commonwealth countries the ability to study in UK. However, awards are given for the study of Master’s courses only. This programme awards approximately 700 scholarships throughout Commonwealth countries per year. Full tuition costs including airfare to and from the UK, as well as maintenance allowance and travel costs are paid by the two institutions responsible for awarding the scholarship. The following website can be accessed for more information on eligible countries and the application process.

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The following scholarships are also available for students who are interested in applying for Government scholarships.

Australian Leadership Awards – Fellowships

Australian Leadership Awards – Fellowships are for short-term study, research and professional programs. Applicants interested in applying for this fellowship award should visit the official pages for further information.

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Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Gates Cambridge Scholarship is for students interested in obtaining their BS/ MS/ PhD degrees. Visiting their official website will provide them useful information on how to apply for this scholarship program.

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Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships

Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships are for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in any field for one academic year. Students interested in this matter can obtain further information through their official website and apply if eligible.

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There are several more government sponsored scholarships available for foreign students from developing countries. The requirements and eligibility criteria of these government scholarships should be clearly understood before submitting an application for the scholarship. Failure to abide by the set criteria will mean rejection of the scholarship application. Therefore, starting well ahead of submission deadlines will allow time for fine tuning the application and the scholarship essays if relevant.