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Question: I understand there are various scholarships for international students to study in the USA. What are some of these scholarships available for the 2012 intake and how do I know if I am eligible? How do I apply for them?

Answer: An American education is not cheap. Many students, who are proficient academically, do not attend university due to financial constraints. However, there is hope. There are many scholarships awarded to international students by the US. These scholarships enable deserving students the ability to study in America and experience cultural diversity while being exposed to the latest and most innovative of teaching methods, curricula and advances in various study disciplines. There are many scholarships 2012 and grants that students do not know about. Therefore, all students looking for funding should begin their search in their junior and senior years in high school, in order to find the most suitable scholarship program. With dedication and patience, international students will be able to find US scholarships for 2012.

The Right Place to Look for Scholarships in the US

The best place to look for funding for college in the US is the applicant’s home country. Governments make it possible for students to study in the US by providing loans and scholarships. Certain large businesses, organizations, and corporations too, provide the funding required to secure a good college education in the US. In addition, the US government, as well as corporations and organizations and academic institutions, also sponsor students’ college education. As the demand for financial aid for colleges in the US is competitive, students should begin their search for scholarships and grants as soon as possible.

Some Scholarships for International Students

Fulbright Scholarship Program

The most significant scholarship program offered by the US for international students is the Fulbright Scholarship Program. The scholarship is for international students who wish to do their Masters and PhD degrees. Winners of this scholarship program are able to study in a host of American universities. Students will receive complete funding for their college education, as well as tuition, textbooks, airfare and a living stipend. Interested applicants should visit the official website for further information.

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EWC Scholarships for Asia and the Pacific

Students interested in pursuing a Masters or PhD at the University of Hawaii, USA, can apply for this scholarship. Students who follow any academic program offered by the University of Hawaii are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Applicants need to be from an approved country and should be conversant in the English language. Full funding for Masters Degrees and Doctoral Degrees are awarded to winning students. Candidates interested in applying for the scholarship should visit the official website in order to obtain accurate information regarding the eligibility criteria and other requirements of the scholarship.

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MBA Scholarships at Hult International Business School

This scholarship is another scholarship 2012 offered by the Hult Business School for international students who wish to pursue their MBA in an American Business School. African students with three years’ work experience and an impressive academic record during Bachelor study can apply for the scholarship. The value of the scholarship depends on the student’s performance and grades, etc. Applicants can apply for the scholarship interview online through their official website.

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Linfield College Scholarships for International Students

Linfield College awards a limited number of scholarships to international students. These scholarships are for full-time undergraduates. Winners of the scholarships get to do their Bachelor’s degree at the Linfield College in Oregon, USA. Applicants are considered through academic performance, financial need, and their prospective contribution towards the Linfield College. Students interested in applying for the scholarship should visit the official website complete the application form as per instructions.

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There are many more scholarships for 2012 international applicants, interested in pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degrees in the USA. Careful consideration and proper planning will enable students to select the right scholarship 2012 for their higher education. If you also consider continue your further study in places other than U.S., you will also have numorous choices, here we briefly list a few of them for your reference:

Japanese Government Scholarships for International Students

Japanese Government Scholarships for International Students offer students interested in pursuing BS/MS/PhD degrees the ability to do so in various universities in Japan.  Further information regarding these scholarships can be obtained through the reference link.

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Weidenfeld Scholarships at the University of Oxford

Weidenfeld Scholarships at the University of Oxford provides international students the ability to study for their PhD degree at the University of Oxford. Eligibility requirements and scholarship value etc is available through the official scholarship website.

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Greek Scholarships for International Students

Greek Scholarships for International Students is organized by the Greek Government which enables students interested in pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate studies to do so at recognized Greek universities. Further information is available through their official announcement page.

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Wish you will finally find the suitable place for your further study!